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Eklund’s T900

It was back in April when we fitted out the Eklund Legend T900 but we never got the chance to photograph it once it was finished. The truck was at the Newcastle Truck Show in October where it took out Truck of the Show & we finally got a chance to get photos.

Some of the work we completed includes: grill mesh, headlight defenders, upgrade bonnet blinkers, steer flares, quarter guard mudflap bracket, stainless mesh on fresh air vent, elephant ears, air cleaner covers, back light KW bugs on vanity panels, mirror lights, chromed load lights, drop visor, side bunk trims, lighted wing trims, deckplates, stainless tank wraps, strap wraps, tank trims, purple LED lights under truck, rear bumper bar, Icepack install, rear bunk trim, A/C riser pipes, riser bracket, smooth stainless steel exhaust shrouds and more.



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Walters T900 #16

Back in March, SLS had the opportunity to attend the handover of Legend T900 #16. The truck was purchased by Walters Contracting Pty Ltd from CJD Equipment in Launceston.

This limited edition Kenworth was built in memory of their son, brother, grandson, nephew and mate Isaac “Maxi” Walters who they lost 12mths ago at the tender age of 16.

During the handover event it was announced that CJD salesman Chris Saltmarsh had donated his commission from the sale of the truck to mental health awareness charity Make Runs Maxi. CJD then matched Chris’ donation, handing over a total of $10,000 to the charity.

SLS is proud to have been a part of this project, supplying the majority of the stainless as DIY kits that were then fitted by CJD.

Well done to all involved in producing one beauty of a truck! And congrats to Chris and Kim Walters – while a truck will never replace your son, it is a fitting tribute and definitely a beautiful rig to be proud of.

Items supplied by SLS included: Bug deflector, mudguard style steer flares, steer guard mudflap bracket, moto mirror lighted replacement backings, elephant ears, air cleaner covers, tank trims, cab trims, bunk trims and rear bunk trims.

Donaldson Haulage Superliner

Here’s the fit out we did of Donaldson Haulage’s  back in September 2017. Congratulations to Donaldson Haulage and to Ray Williams of VCV Beresfield for delivering such an awesome truck! Some SLS completed on this truck was: Traditional bug deflector in stainless, steer flares, quarter guard mudflap brackets, pre cleaner covers, mirror trims, cab step scuffs, SCR exhaust top cover, cab trim lights fitted in OEM panels, smooth exhaust shields with “Donaldson” cut out, Air Kooled 7″ > 5″ exhaust stacks, rear bunk trim with air line provisions, air/electrical spring support and slide rail, lighted wing trims, front and rear deckplates, centremount mudguard brackets, mudguard strips, rear bumper infill panels and more.

Perfect Is Near Enough

Last week we finished a massive fit out of Costello Transport’s Legend 900 #40. Damien was our very first customer back in 2003 and here we are 15 years later doing his third truck. 
Damien purchased the truck through Justin Brooks at Twin City Truck Centre. Congratulations to all involved, this is one sweet ride.
Here’s a list of some of the things we did to it:
Grill mesh, stainless grill bars, driving lights, convert blinkers to white, steer flares, quarter guard mudflap brackets, air cleaner covers, 7” riser pipes, air rams, mirror lights, spotter mirror brackets, stoneguard light trim, drop visor, roof lights, sleeper roof lights, cab trims, 7” Air Kooled exhaust stacks, smooth stainless exhaust shrouds, tank wraps, strap wraps, lighted and plain tank trims, bunk trims, wing trims, rear bunk trims with air/electrical, centremount mudguard brackets, stainless propeller deckplates, lowered rear bumper bar, rear infill panel with reverse lights, Icepack.
In cab: 2 x 30L drawer fridges under bunk, upright fridge and storage drawers, microwave, TV/DVD player.
I’m sure I have missed a few things!

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