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Cab Scuffs  Fits T409 Post June 2014 Stainless steel cab scuffs with "T409" lettering & vinyl reflective   PRODUCT CODE: KW24P013
Cab Scuffs  Fits T610SAR Stainless steel cab scuffs with "T610SAR" cut out & vinyl reflective
Step Scuffs  Fits T610 Stainless steel step scuffs (set of 2)
Steer Flares  Fit T610 Stainless steel steer flares with safety fold.
Quarter Guard Infill  Fits T610 Complete quarter guard infill kit to finish off the guard.
Bug Deflector  Fits T610 Stainless steel bug deflector mounts to bonnet using included brackets. Available with matte black underside for anti-glare.
Steer Flares  Fits T610SAR Stainless steel steer flares with safety fold
Exhaust Shrouds, Smooth Stainless  Fits T610SAR Smooth stainless steel exhaust shrouds
Mirror Lights  Fits T610SAR / T610 Mirror lights are cut into the backing of the OEM mirror. Service exchange option is available.
Drop Visor  Fits T610SAR Stainless steel drop visor
Bunk Trim  Fits T610SAR Stainless steel side bunk trim to suit Kenworth T610SAR
Document HolderFits T610/T610SAR In cab document holder mounts to the side of the passenger seat
Bug Deflector  Suits T610SAR Stainless steel bug deflector
Bonnet Hinge Trim, 5 x FMT Lights  Fits T610SAR KW02P006 - Stainless steel bonnet hinge trim with 5 x flush mount lights.
Air Cleaner Light Trim  Fits T610SAR KW16P009 - Stainless steel air cleaner light panel with 4 x flush mount lights per side.
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SLS Custom Stainless