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At SLS Group we offer precision profile cutting and press componentry to the highest standards. Our profile cutting machines leave smooth, precise edges leaving no need for secondary processing, saving you both time and money. We utilise industry leading CNC programming software that allows us to offer optimised nesting for maximum material yield with minimal waste. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, most cost effective solution for your machining needs.

To allow us to quote as quickly and as accurately as possible the ideal file formats are:

  • .pdf – Drawing showing dimensions, material, thickness and quantities
  • .dxf – Auto CAD

Scanned images and pictures can be used, however, this may delay the turnaround time for your quote as it takes additional time to process, and depending on the detail, may incur additional charges.

We are happy to cut from materials you provide or we can source the material for you.


Our Laser can accommodate sheet sizes up to 3000mm x 1500mm and economically cut aluminium up to 3mm thick, stainless up to 5mm thick and mild steel up to 12mm thick. We offer close nesting for maximum material yield with minimal waste.








Our Waterjet Cutter enables precision cutting on virtually any material without the use of heat. The finished product has no distortion or damage to the surface finish, no material hardening or stress and leaves minimal burring; there is no need for secondary processing, saving you time and money. We can handle sheet sizes up to 4000mm x 2000mm, complex cuts can be made with high precision in thicknesses up to 150mm.

The range of materials that can be cut include: stainless steel, mild steel, ceramic marble, granite, glass, tiles, stone, timber, mirror, rubber and foam.





 Press Brake

Our Press Brake has a capacity to press metal parts up to 8mm thick and 3m long. Thicknesses of 10mm & 12mm can be pressed in shorter lengths.









Our workshop houses a 10 tonne overhead crane that is equipped with vacuum and magnetic attachments to allow handling of a large variety of sheets and profile cut parts. We have a variety of other machinery such as Guillotine, Notcher, Welding (MIG & TIG), CNC Rotary Engraver and Sheet Metal Rollers which allows us to offer a diverse range of processing if required.

Guillotine – 3m, 6mm Mild Steel, 4mm Stainless Steel

Notcher – Cut capacity 4mm 200x200mm

Cut Angle 4mm from 30° – 140°

Punch – 14mm hole in 40mm plate


Complete Project Packages

SLS can develop customised production and packing schedules to cater for precision cutting & pressing of components for complete projects. Our procedures ensure the highest standards of quality are maintained throughout the complete process of programming, cutting, pressing and packaging of components. A quality assurance system is tailored for each job and can include manufacturing schedules, non-conformance hold points and traceability if required.

Profile Cutting Flyer (2.5 MB, 1584 downloads)

Profile Cutting

SLS Custom Stainless