SLS Custom Stainless


Our fabrication projects range from the manufacture of stainless steel/aluminium tool boxes and ute bodies to major mining projects such as stainless steel chutes and coal sludge collection/thickener sumps.

We have an 840sqm workshop and a 1200sqm yard – plenty of space to carry out all your fabrication projects.

With the use of our Abrasive Waterjet and in house draftsperson, we use various forms of computer aided drawing systems for the preparation of structural drawings and are able to provide fast turnaround from design to prototype.

Our workshop has the facilities for:

  • MIG, TIG & Stick welding of mild steel, aluminium & stainless steel up to 20mm
  • Pressing – 3m, 120 tonne, up to 8mm & shorter section in 10mm & 12mm
  • Guillotining – 3m, 6mm Mild Steel, 4mm Stainless Steel
  • Notching – Cut capacity 4mm 200×200mm, Cut Angle 4mm from 30° – 140°
  • Punching – 14mm hole in 40mm plate
  • Profile cutting with our Waterjet – 4100mm x 2100mm bed, can cut a wide range of materials with a +/-0.1mm tolerance dimensionally in thicknesses up to 150mm.
  • In house metal polishing services
  • 5 tonne overhead crane, Vacuum Lift/Magnetic Lifter to move projects with safety and ease.

SLS Custom Stainless